Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snow Storm

We've had a bout of really wild weather here the past few days. Our internet has been sketchy at best, but I think today we're over the hump (for now). Here's a link to what's been happening here, and a photo of our favorite spot in the country :o).

Yes, there really is a laneway to the left of the mailbox. Really.


  1. Wow, it is soooo beautiful!! I wish that we had a little snow around here but it's all rain, drizzle and fog!

  2. Hi Deborah,

    That snow drift to the side of your house is huge!
    Your home looks so pretty with the crisp snow!
    Keep warm,

  3. Now that looks sooooo beautiful! What a blessed mama :O)

  4. Beautiful!

    I awakened to our second snow of the season this morning. Yet nothing compared to the amounts you have! But it will slow things up around here somewhat since we will not be getting out early as planned.

  5. So glad to hear from you Deborah! I was following along on the news about how bad things have been where you live. I know it must be a mess to have to deal with but honestly the picture of your home is beautiful...could be on the front of a Christmas card!
    Stay warm and take care of your wonderful family.
    prayerfully your friend,

  6. wow!! :) beautiful photo of your snow storm!
    I'm glad the roads are all open again, and people are getting warm and safe once more.

    I did enjoy our 3 snow days though. :)

    have a great day Deb!

  7. Absolutely beautiful. But then I watched the news report. Those poor stranded folks! Stay warm and cozy.
    Christmas blessings,

  8. beautiful!!! I'm ready for some snow here :)

  9. GORGEOUS!!!! Cold I am sure....

  10. Wow! That reminds me so much of one winter when I lived in Montana. Our lane was invisible, too. ;) It's so beautiful!

  11. Pretty!! We have had lots of snow here too, although not as much as some areas about 30-45 minutes from us.

  12. It's gorgeous, but looks soooooooooo cold! LOL

  13. so so gorgeous!!

    My husband was supposed to go to Sarnia and cancelled, thank goodness, what a terrifying experience for some people.

    sorry about your oven :(


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