Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Record Year

for appliance deaths.

August -- microwave
September -- washing machine
October -- bread maker
Today -- my oven

How if only my coffee maker would go! It's twenty something years old and on carafe number 6 at least, but hey, it still makes good coffee.

Good thing a new kitchen is part of our addition/renovation. I've become used to not having a microwave or bread maker, but I'm not sure what I am going to do without an oven for the next 2-4 months. I wasn't even done my Christmas baking.....


  1. Wow, that's a lot of appliance death. I am sort of hoping that my dishwasher will die soon. "Sort of" because, while I'd love to have a good dishwasher, I'm not looking forward to the "paying for it" part.

    May your new appliances live long, happy lives, and may your coffee maker, when it does go, die a quick and painless death. :-)

  2. Yikes! That's a lot of grief to work through! Hang in there...the coffee pot is next, for sure.
    I will have to agree that there may be a mutiny in your family if you just serve TV dinners warmed in the microwave for the next four months....probably will not go over well, at all! Of course I am assuming you replaced the microwave...If not, how are you at building camp fires?
    I can see a new home school curriculum in the living 101!

  3. Oh no!!!! Why does it seem like something is ALWAYS breaking? If it were my oven I think I would be torn between sadness and GLEEEEEEEE! haha At least you have coffee to help you through it.

  4. Oh no!

    Not the time of year to be BBQing. Hot plate? George Foreman grill? Electric skillet?

    No... it's crock pot season :D


  5. Electric frying pan, microwave and hot plate? Crock pot is good too. We used those things quite a bit when we were waiting for our stuff to be hooked up--but only about a week. Hope it goes okay--it's not nice to be without with kids. I think renos must be so easy without kids!

  6. Sounds like soon you will be all set with new kitchen maids! :)

    Our dishwasher is not working, so we are back to washing dishes by hand. :)

  7. Oh my! I can relate, only ours is currently vehicle issues. We still have two repairs that need to be done.

    BTW - didn't your oven cook hot? May you be blessed with one that cooks perfectly! (Mine cooks hot and ruined the Irish soda bread the boys helped me make today. *sigh*)

  8. major bummer!
    praying that the Lord will fix it tonight!


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