Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Picture Post

My bestest  :o) friend and very talented  fellow photographer gave me a new toy to play with. She owns her own photography studio and takes the most beautiful portraits.

Before she had her studio, she used to work with hot lights. Now I have them. I think I'm going to stick mainly with natural light photography, but sometimes a studio style portrait just works better for an idea one has in mind -- or even just for a couple hours of indoor fun :o).

Since I thought my sinuses weren't pounding quite so much anymore, I coerced (they actually don't need coercing)  the two little girls (Peach would have none of it) into letting me experiment with them under the hot lights.

Can I say how fun it was?!? My little models are a hoot! Then I went back to bed and slept for another hour or so.

May your day be filled with memorable moments!


  1. Deborah,
    It's so good to be back where I can keep up with your family! Your girls are beautiful, and it looks like you are making some great memories along the way.

  2. These turned out really cute!
    Happy New Year to you and yours,

  3. Oh Great Pictures!! How fun!! I enjoy all your photography hot or not lol!! Have Happy New Year friend. Those girls are gorgeous!! ~Love Heather

  4. those pics are sooooo good!
    What a fun time. Still praying for you to be healed!!!!!

  5. Lovely pictures of your beautiful girls!! :D

  6. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Your girls are beautiful~just like their Mommy!
    Feel better soon!

  7. Love, love, love the artful pictures you created!! Precious little girls!
    Sorry you are under the weather...hope your sinus headache clears up fast so you can enjoy the ringing in of the new year!

  8. i love all the photos! How fun! I wish I had lights and the ability you do!


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