Friday, December 31, 2010

Another Reading Challenge

I'm joining Nina at Life Downside Up and Dana at Much Madness is Divinest Sense for The Books I Should Have Read in School Challenge. I figure I can read many of those books on the BBC list, that seems to exist on Facebook, but not on Google. (Two thoughts on that.  1} Again my distaste for Facebook increases and 2} How legitimate is the list? Oh well, there is still a LOT of good reads on it.)

I chose the college challenge. I think I can manage to read at least four of the books on the BBC list or any of the other lists I looked up such as books every high school student should read, books every college student should read, and even the top 100 books everyone should read.

It'll be an interesting year. Would anyone else care to join us? If you do, feel free to link up at Dana's blog!

Happy reading!



    it does exist on the BBC website!
    Also, if you're feeling ambitious...

    It's 1000 books to read in a lifetime! I've been [slowly] working my way through them...

  2. Deborah, I'm so glad you're joining me in Dana's challenge! Happy reading!!

  3. I think this is a much better idea...I am one with you about facebook. I am actually off of there for now taking a facebook vacation. I may join you on this challenge. ~happy new year love heather :)


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