Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Violin Practice

Beans has a hard time getting set up to practice her violin. When we peered over the dog (baby) gate into the living room this evening, this is how we found her:

So THAT'S why it always takes her so long to get started!


  1. That's just the cutest ever!
    I can see she loves to read!

  2. She is soooooooo cute! I hear that is the very best posture for getting prepared for practicing the violin. She is just precious.
    Hope that you all have a great end of the week.
    I hear that you all are sending a blast of cold air that is actually going to make it all the way to our state and drop our temps down. All I can say is....BRING IT ON!!
    blessings to you sweet friend

  3. That is so cute! Very productive, indeed :)

  4. That is HILARIOUS! I love her love for reading! I hope my kids have that 1 day!

  5. I'm sure she's practicing in her head!

  6. Adorable! Love this shot! At least she's reading and not texting!

  7. Ha how funny... now if she could play violin like that ...that would be something hehe ~Love Heather

  8. I'll have to show this to my almost 10yr old daughter, she just started playing the violin last month. :)


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