Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday's Seven (Not-So) Quick Takes

1} I love to keep my hands busy. Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew, or I get an idea and start on a project before I realize that I don't have all the materials to make it work.

These were simple. Buy the pre-cut letters, sand them, paint them, varnish them and voilĂ , letters for the girls' wall.

These were not quite as simple. Oh, I had the idea in my head and knew exactly what I wanted, but to find the right colours and materials was a LOT of work. In the end with the help of my friend C, I was able to glean the paper colours I needed and complete the project. Thank you, C!! They are canvases (dollar store) wrapped in card stock with chipboard letters that I re-did with different cardstock and then embellished with ribbon, paper flowers, and beads. I am very pleased with how they finally turned out!

The "white space" is where I will add photos of the girls.

2} Peach had a volleyball tournament yesterday. All the girls on her team wore pigtails to show their team spirit. I haven't seen her in pigtails for a long time. I think she still looks pretty cute in them :o)!

3} Wendy, this next photo is for you :oD. (Wendy is a teacher who does NOT appreciate certain often assigned school projects).

It's not quite a diorama, but pretty close. They did these in class though. I never saw it, or even heard about it until I picked the girls up from school and Squirt took me to show me the completed project. It is a ballet room (in case you were wondering ;o)). The paper (bag) doll is Penelope.

4} This is the story that she wrote to go with it:

Penelope's Problem

On the first day of ballet two girls pushed penelope. She hurt her leg. One day she was sitting on the ballet beam and tow girls pushed her again. She broke her leg. then she went to the hospital. The doctore put a cast on her leg. The she told the techer then they never pushed her again.

I'm not sure what her train of thought is with all the violence. The age? Youngest child? Loves drama?

5} We are thrilled to have an entire SaturDAY at home! No more photo sessions, no kid exchanges until late afternoon, no groceries to do (I did them yesterday). Time to get some serious cleaning, sorting, and other small projects done. Yes!!

6} Our church is a strong advocate of social justice issues. We learn about (I believe it is monthly) film features at a nearby theatre that relate to consumerism, environmentalism, human trafficking, and other issues relating to the world and its abuse of what God has blessed us with. There is a film again tonight and we are going. It's the first time we have been able to go and we're all quite excited. (Lame, I know :o)).

7} We've been on the hunt for a twelve passenger van. So far we're not too successful. Did you know that if you have to drive a "bus", that it is 90% likely that it will be white? Beans wants a yellow one. *Snicker!* Nothing like really looking like we're driving a bus! We've been hunting for a vehicle that actually has headrests for the back benches. We found one, but it sold the same day I enquired about it. Now we have our eye on another one. It's a 2010. Mucho dinero!! The great thing is though, the benches are high backed, which is good when your 14 yo is already around six feet tall. Thankfully there is no real rush to buy a vehicle, so we'll just keep looking.

This is not the one we're looking at, as inevitably it's white. I wish we could find a silver one. Shows way less dirt than white.

Wishing you all a great weekend! Happy Thanksgiving weekend to my American friends! God bless!


  1. Love your new signature! And yes, I cringe at anything that even resembles a diorama. The assumption that everyone has a shoe box handy to do one of those things is very presumptuous, and it's part of the reason I refuse to ever assign them to my students.

  2. You ARE going to need a big vehicle! I like the pig tails! Cute!

  3. Deborah,
    Peach is a lovely young lady...growing up so fast!
    Your handmade projects are lovely.
    Hope you find just the right vehicle very soon! We have a white's not so bad.
    blessings to you

  4. Good luck with your van hunting. It can't be easy to find a van that can accomodate your family and that won't look like a school bus. You are so crafty. I love crafts too but I've gotten out of everything crafty lately. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

  5. its so exciting all the changes taking place for you and the anticipation of your daughters coming home. ~Cute projects you have done ~I hope you are enjoying your holidays friend ~Love Heather

  6. I love your creative canvases where you're adding their pictures, such a great idea!


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