Friday, November 5, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

A couple of my blogging friends frequently find Fridays for this fun meme. I often have so many thoughts whirling in my brain that I thought today would be a good day to do one.

1} It's snowing here today. Wet, clumpy, yucky stuff that melts away the minute it hits the ground. The nice thing? Maverick has decided to sleep the morning away, instead of whining at the patio door every ten minutes to be let out for a mini tinkle.

2} We get to do more paperwork. We're filling out the girls' sponsorship forms. It's one more step closer to bringing our precious daughters home.

3} I am super excited to try several new photography things! I've been studying again, and it's going to take us to a new and different level. I'm really wondering where I will find the time though...

4} Two photo sessions scheduled for this weekend. Thankfully they're both indoor sessions. A client preview session. A first meeting with another local adoptive family. Church. Some family time. Yep, it's another full weekend :o)!

5} Looking forward to our addition going on at the beginning of December (Hopefully!!). Even though I didn't want to at first, the Engineer has insisted that we redo the kitchen at the same time. Can you say, "what a mess?!"

6} The girls are finding school difficult. They are doing GREAT academically, but the amount of homework they get is horrendous! Oh, and it's NOT because they don't know how to work quickly and efficiently when in class. Apparently most of their classmates are suffering the same.

Free time seems to only occur on the weekends, and they aren't getting in enough practicing time on their instruments. Music is very important to them and we're figuring out how to make some changes so that they can get in the amount of practice time they need.

7} Bub has started on the school swim team. He is currently ranked as the second fastest on his team. His summer teammate is not swimming right now do to a leg fracture obtained during soccer season. I love Bub's passion for swimming! It is so neat to watch him in the water.

Well, that's seven. Be blessed my friends! Have a safe and enjoyable weekend!


  1. Great list. It is this time of year where the newness of the school year has really worn off for us. We have been making some needed changes, too. I can't believe you are getting snow!


  2. Ooooo! Re-doing the kitchen! Woo-hoo! Be sure to give us before and afters, yah? :D

    Bummer about the homework.

    When our kids were in public school we had homework issues too. Mentally I divided it into two categories.

    #1 If my boys weren't finishing their work in class (goofing off?) or weren't grasping the concepts, then they need extra time at home to work on it. If that was the case, they had to do it.

    But beyond that...

    #2 We set a time limit. Our boys will only be required to do "x" number of minutes of homework per day, increasing slightly with age. And after that, no more.

    I don't know what some of the teachers were thinking! A lot of it was nothing but busywork. And I began to wonder what they were doing with their class time?!

    You'd obviously know better, since you can see what they're bringing home. And maybe I'm way off the mark. Just a thought.


  3. I love your fall family photo Deb.

    and yeah... the homework thing. I' ve struggled with it , and I know it differs from school to school. Which sometimes makes it even more frustrating. I consider myself lucky, my running partner's children have endless projects just for the sake of it I'm sure. Endless trips to the dollar store and sometimes they don't even get a mark. ack.

  4. Deborah,
    I feel for you on the renovation issue...but it will be lovely when it's complete. HANG in there!!
    have a lovely weekend

  5. Thank you my friends!

    Regarding the girls and homework, we've decided to pick them up from school four days a week for now. It bothers me though because part of our exorbitant tuition covers bus transportation and it seems silly not to use it, but I can have the girls home a whole hour before the bus drops them off. That's a good chunk of practice time, so we'll try it for awhile and see if it helps.

    Regarding the renovation/ addition, we really do need it, but I truly DREAD the mess that's involved. I told the Engineer that our contractor had to agree to NOT start the kitchen or other existing house work until AFTER Christmas. Hopefully he'll be agreeable to that.

    Annesta, I remember following your renovation. I never dreamed I would be getting a new kitchen a year later, but then again we never dreamed we would be bring home three children in less than two years...:o)

    Blessings all!

  6. I don't believe in all that homework. I'm so sorry the girls are feeling the pressure. Ugh!

  7. I didn't realize you had a swimmer in the bunch... very neat!! And I agree~ isn't it such a treat to see what they're able to do in the water?! Every time my boys compete, I'm absolulte amazed; I could NEVER swim like that (or nearly that far, for that matter :) Best of luck to Bub this season-- I hope it's a blast!

  8. We've had kiddos missing Wednesday night church due to so much homework. It completely baffles me why they can't get more accomplished at school, but being a homeschooler I am warped in my perception. LOL One of the kids in our class missed the other night because he had 4 tests to study for the next day in 4 different subjects - he's in second grade!


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