Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Freedom is Never Free

Remembrance Day. I confess that when I homeschooled, the most we usually did was watch the ceremony in Ottawa on the television. It's usually too bitterly cold and yucky out to have to stand out in the elements for an hour with impatient little ones, but last year the children and I went to the cenataph for the first time. It was good. It was a good reminder that our freedom isn't free, but comes at a price.

The girls have been working diligently on posters, poems, and essays for Remembrance Day. I am glad that their school is helping them to be aware of the world around them and that our freedom should not be taken for granted.

Dying in a Life Boat

“We’re going down!” Someone yelled,
And panic began to grip me.
 “Get on some lifejackets,
Get in the boats,
Or you’ll never make it home!”
I ran out on deck,
But saw no empty boats,
What if I didn’t make it?
What if I never saw,
My family again?
But wait!
Was there a chance?
A lifeboat not quite full?
“Wait!”I yell,
 Then run and launch in.
 I make it!
 But just.
 It plunges into the raging sea,
 And my heart jumps into my throat.

“We’ll never make it in this little boat,
“We’re doomed to die,
“And never be found”
“No we are NOT!
“We can make it.”

I Hope”

We floated over the sea,
For what seemed like hours,
And I began to doubt.
Maybe we wouldn’t make it,
Maybe we’d ... die,
In the wretched roaring sea.
But wait!
What was that?
Was it? Could it be?
A friendly ship
Come to save us.

It was!
We were free!
We’d make it out alive.
We’d make it back home.
Now  every year we remember
That fateful night at sea,
On one particular day,
On November 11.
                    ~by Peach

Remember Us

Remember us
the ones who have died
Trying to save our country.

Remember us
The one who died
Trying to save you.

Remember us
The ones who have died
Trying to save our family.

Remember us
All who died
To give us freedom
And save our pride.
                     ~ by Beans

So today, I dedicate a blog post to all the men and women who have fought for our country, so we can live with the freedom we have. We are more blessed than we know!


  1. What gifted writers what you have! Thank you so much for sharing their pieces... what a wonderful tribute to the fallen!

  2. Creative writing! I love it! Your children are talented writers just like their momma!


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