Friday, November 12, 2010

Fog Day

There is a phenomenon where we live, know as a fog day. Children have been known to jump for joy when they can't see more than fifty feet our their bedroom windows.

Oh, there is still school, but there is no set time for when they have to be in their classrooms as children straggle in over the course of the morning, or better yet (according to the child -- namely highschool students) don't show up at all.

Buses will run again in the afternoon, but only the kids whose mean parents drove them will be on for the bus ride home again.


  1. Deborah,
    Those pictures are AMAZING!!!!!!!

  2. How often does this happen where you live? We get occasional fog here, but not very often.

  3. Thank you, Wendy :o)!

    Leslie, fog days are quite common in the late fall and early spring around here. We live close to Lake Huron and the land lays really quite flat (you'd think we live on the prairies). The days this time of year can be quite warm yet (high teens Celsius), but because of the lake, the air cools down quickly as the sun begins to set, pulling the cold air off the water and creating fog pockets, or even more fun, "pea soup." It's very pretty in its own right -- especially when it produces hoar frost which I am hoping for in the next few weeks. The kids like it because then mom has to bring them to school, although when I homeschool, there is no such thing as a fog day :o).


  4. Wow! It's so dark. I really don't like fog at all! Well, I guess I should say I don't like to drive in fog! If I can be home, fog is ok!
    have a great weekend!

  5. We get fog days too, but - sadly - school is unaffected.

    Beautiful pictures - your house always looks so inviting :D


  6. beautiful photos! I'm also excited to find your blog (thanks for your comment on mine!) and follow your adoption journey! God bless you and your family!

  7. Are these taken at night? If not, Wow! PRetty amazing. Too dark.

  8. Jena, yes, it was close to midnight when I took them. It was pretty fun trotting around the yard in the dark and fog.


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