Monday, November 1, 2010

Finding the Thankfulness in the Midst of Frustration

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Sometimes I just get down. Frustrated with even the simple things of daily life. Computers that don't work when they're needed, kids who don't follow instructions, thinking I'm getting caught up in something only to discover I've fallen behind somewhere else. It's life and it's messy, but you know what? God's grace covers each moment of it. In the good and the bad, He is there. In the joys and the frustrations, He is there. In the mundane, repetitive, and oh-so-frustrating moments of life, He is there.


in the continually dirty floors, I can find joy in a vacuum cleaner that works well (when I use it ;o)).

in the counter often full of dirty dishes, I can find joy in knowing that we have plenty of food to eat to make those dishes dirty.

in the ever deepening fall, I can find joy in the promise of spring through the buds already formed on the naked branches.

in the cooler days, and chilly mornings, I can find joy in the warmth of a down-filled vest, or winter coat, and woolly hats and mittens.

in the busyness of our days, I can find joy in snatches of time to escape with the Engineer.

in this stage of life we're in, I find joy in the fact that the children are old enough to be home alone for an hour or two so the Engineer and I have time to escape and enjoy just each other.

in growing our business, there's joy in knowing that our work as professional photographers is being recognized for what we know -- not who we know.

        and there's joy in discovering new avenues that our ever growing skills and God given talent continues to take us.

joy can also be found in the ever lengthening wait for our daughters. We can rest in the knowledge that it's in God's timing not ours, and I can be reminded once again about learning patience.

There is joy in the journey, but sometimes we have to look a little harder to find it. If you would like to take special note of the joy in your journey, join us at the Gratitude Community at Holy Experience.

Giving thanks to God for His blessings #'s 847- 855.


  1. Love your positive attitude, Deborah!

  2. Deborah,
    I really like the way you list out your blessings. It's such a joy and encouragement to read your list. Life is messy and how we choose to respond is really key. God has really been doing a work in my heart since I started counting to 1.000. I am constantly encouraged by all the blessings that people in the community post.
    praying that you have a great week filled with memories that you can treasure in your heart as blessings.

  3. Oh, how this one resonated with me!! Thank you for sharing... you're not alone!! And blessings for a productive yet peace-filled Tuesday, with a few extra windows for rest :)


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