Friday, October 29, 2010

Card Making

I am one of those persons whose mind is always in overdrive creating, designing, observing, and thinking about making things. Most of it never comes to fruition, but on occasion I surprise myself. This post is not one of those times :oS. This is crafting pre-meditated by my friend C. She is a Stampin' Up consultant, and I'm her devotedly addicted customer :o)! C makes a creative evening very simple and oh-so-fun! We learn new techniques, but she enables us to concentrate on the techniques as the items needed for our cards are mostly pre-cut.

Here are the cards from the last two sessions I have been to...

I can't decide which one is my favorite...


  1. Um, let me get this straight. In addition to all the other amazing things you can do, you make your own cards? Good Lord, there no end to your talents?

    As for favorites...I love them all, too, but he second to last one with the little girl in blue in my favorite. It has a vintage feel and I love the colors. Reminds me of a peaceful winter's day.

  2. What cute cards! I'm impressed. The little girl in blue is my favorite, too. She is adorable all dressed in her mittens and wintery apparel. This year at our co-op a mom is teaching a paper crafting class and they are making some really cute things. I can't help peeking in there and wishing I was taking the class. :)

  3. Those are so cute! I would love to be able to make cute things like these sweet cards.
    Thank you for posting them.
    have a fun weekend

  4. You truly have an eye for beauty... in your photos, in your crafts, in your home!

    Did you ever finish those quilts you mentioned? I'd forgotten until now! Pictures?


  5. Lol! Thank you each of you for your sweet words.

    Wendy, these are easy because as I said, C, pre-cuts everything for us and then guides us through step by step. Easy, peasy :o).

    Julie, would you believe that not one of the quilts is done yet? I'm too chicken to do the meandering stitching on the one, can't figure out how to put the binding on the other one, but it's lying there half pinned waiting for me to figure it our, and the yellow squares one, well it still needs a backing and some binding. Oh and then there's the pink afghan. I had to rip out a huge chunk because somewhere I lost a couple dozen stitches. So, now I'm back at the last ball of wool. *Sigh!* Creativity at its finest :oD!

  6. So cute! I cannot resist stamps either. I think appreciating and dreaming about handmade things is one of the most enjoyable endeavors. Productivity? Nah.


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