Saturday, October 16, 2010

We Interrupt this Silence

We're here! Really, we are. Everyone is healthy. Things are just very busy and sadly it has nothing to do with our adoption. Just lots of photo shoots right now and kids' activities.

When I get snatches of time, I try to catch up on reading your blogs, but I'm not doing to well. November will be more quiet. Only a couple of shoots that month. No sports (I don't think) and likely not too many field trips. Ahhh, life. It's so full, isn't it!

Wishing all my blogging friends and readers a fantabulous and blessing filled weekend!!


  1. And to you beautiful sister!!!! Great shots!

  2. I love it when you change the look of your blog each season. The colours and photos reflect the beauty you see in God's creation! Thanks for posting!

  3. Love your seasonal changes, too! I'm off to do some leaf photography right now! Won't be nearly as good as yours though!

  4. Beautiful photos!

    Fall is such an exquisite tapestry of rich colors. Love it!

  5. Deborah,

    you have captured fall in all its glory!
    May God bless you Deborah and may you find rest in Him this week-end.


  6. gorgeous photos! Amazing what a colour palette God has!

    When you have time to come back to the world of blogging, it will still be here!

  7. beautiful fall leaves I miss that about back east no golden leaves here ~Hope you get some time to relax and to drink lots of tea and curl up with a good book this fall I am going to do that now. My son baked me some gluten free pumpkin cake ;-) ~Love Heather

  8. Oh, autumn is certainly glorious where you are...we are just beginning to see the painting and I am hoping our dry summer weather will not affect the leaves, but I believe it will be less colorful this year.

    I truly understand about blogging. I have chosen to read my favorite blogs about two days out of the week. That way I can keep in touch and comment too...but then sometimes it might only be once weekly.

  9. Welcome back - you've been missed :-)


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