Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Walks in the Woods

We have enjoyed several walks in the woods these past few weeks. It has been spectacular! Come along with us and enjoy some of the beauty we have seen...

The oak in our own backyard.

Walking in the back forty near our home -- just Bub, Maverick, and I...

The back forty  is predominantly Carolinian forest as indicated by the young tulip trees in the above photo.

An old sugar shack. It was last used in 1999 according to the still readable newspaper inside.

Shot up cans for collecting maple sap.

Landslide!! :o)

My baby boy looking all growed up :o).

One of the five falls in and around Owen Sound, ON

On the river in Owen Sound.


  1. BEAUTIFUL photos!! Gorgeous area you live in! Love th fall colors! and the falls were lovely!

  2. Oh I wish I could go on those walks with you! LOVE your beautiful pictures. Your skill and the subject matter. We just don't have those vivid fall colors here as much.


  3. Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing--they really brightened my day!

  4. Love them all, but the old sugar shack is my favorite! I would pay you for it. It would look super framed in my house! I've got that whole primitive distressed thing going on.

    The trees are magnificent this year, don't you think? Our oaks are usually kind of on the brownish side, but this year they are golden and orange. I've never seen them look so pretty. And, of course, the maples are putting on such a show of their own, too.

    LOVE THESE!!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing your photos - I've been so hungry for Autumn. We've pretended as much as we can around here :-)

  6. Breath Taking!! Beautiful pictures thank you for sharing I so miss the fall back east. Our boys are getting so big!! I see your son is growing like mine lol!! I wonder if you are going through as much food as I am hehehe ~Love Heather

  7. gorgeous, gorgeous pictures!!!

  8. Deborah,
    I am not sure what I like better, the image of the coffee shop with chocolates that you wrote about a few post back or this walk in these beautiful woods in your back yard.
    When I need to get out of the city I will close my eyes and think of these beautiful images!
    Thank you, sweet friend!

  9. Air literally escaped between my teeth to see the beauty in your photos. You most certainly caught the beauty of autumn!

    Your son..oh my, I love that age of young men.

  10. Beautiful autumn pictures!! We have had such a lovely fall here in Ontario. :)

  11. Amazing. How lucky you are to be able to soak that all in!

  12. Gorgeous! I haven't seen lovely fall foliage like this in person in many years. It's one thing I really want my kids to experience. I wish I had appreciated it more when I was surrounded by it.

  13. What a beautiful place! And Bub does look all grown up!

    I love fall. I would really like to visit a maple forest where sugar is made.


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