Monday, October 25, 2010

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I have been continually amazed at how beautiful autumn is this year. Usually the month of October begins to get iffy. We can have cold and rain for a few days and then warmer and sunshine for a few days, and on the cycle continues until November where it truly does begin to get blah.

We usually turn the furnace on sometime in October and it will stay in the on position until May. This year we haven't turned it on yet. Mind you, October is not over, but the weather forecast is for high teens low twenty degrees Celcius for the next few days, so perhaps we can make it all the way through October without turning the furnace on.

The trees, oh the trees! We have traveled quite a bit this fall and I continue to marvel at the colours. Remember my post last week about our "progressive" farmer? Well we've taken advantage of the open fields and walked through the back forest twice. The colours in there are incredible! As are the variety of trees! We're completely captivated by the beauty contained within walking distance from our home. We can hardly wait to see if it is filled with trilliums in the spring.

This week I am thanking God for:

a long

and most glorious autumn.

two long walks into our back forty.

continued sunshine and mild weather.

not having to turn on the furnace yet this fall.

a much anticipated visit with friends.

a long walk with said friends to see

two beautiful waterfalls.

watching salmon swim against the current to get back to their spawning grounds.

enjoying coffee with them while continuing to catch up.

quiet, uninterrupted chatting time with the Engineer.

children who are happy to participate in church life.

grandparents' who adore their grandchildren and look forward to having them over.

deliciously quaint coffee shops

that sell chocolate orange fudge.

class trips with ten and eleven year olds who are still so innocent

and excited about life.

watching a pup, his sister, and mama greet each other exuberantly.

a social worker who is working tirelessly to help bring our girls home. She is nothing short of amazing!

being able to participate in our church's revisioning weekend (or at least part of the weekend anyways :S).

a most awesome friend who pops by with a can of fresh coffee after I post about not having a single solitary drop of java left in our house.

excitement with Beans' teacher who is expecting her second child next month. Oh, but we will miss her at school though!

a three day week for the girls this week.

looking forward to going into the Big City on Friday with them.

Giving thanks to our precious Lord and Saviour for His gifts to us #'s 823-846.  If you would like to cultivate an attitude of gratitude, come join us at the gratitude community.


  1. I was just thinking yesterday of what a particularly glorious autumn this season has been. Our foliage hasn't been this resplendent in years. So sad to think that by the weekend it will probably be all gone.

  2. So many good things to be thankful for :D


  3. Autumn has barely come to Texas and just when you think it might be here to stay I hear the weatherman say it is going to be in the 80's today. I'm thankful for air conditioning. :D

  4. Beautiful list and yes, we have been having a lovely autumn! We are in Canada too (I'm just guessing that you are in Canada too, because of the mention of Celcius) and it has been a lovely October. Today was so mild and warm. :)

    Nice to meet you and I hope to be back! :)

  5. Yes, I remember your post last week. I am so jealous for seeing all those beautiful changing leaves. We just don't get that here at all! Well, on a very small, small scale.
    Chocolate orange fudge...yummy!! When can I come visit for some lovely conversation, delicious coffee and that fudge? In my dreams, right?
    Praying that your week will be productive with great periods of rest, too.

  6. Your neck of the woods is absolutely gorgeous!! And what a wonderful time of year to enjoy every square inch of it :)

    I'm with you on the furnace thing-- even here... once we crank it on, it'll likely be running 'til spring. I'm rejoicing with over balmy autumns and furnace-free days!

    Hope your week is a splendid one, and hope you savor this last gorgeous week of October!!


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