Thursday, October 21, 2010

This is Progress?

One would think that when they move out to an acre and a half that they wouldn't have to deal with a major change in landscape. Imagine my annoyed surprise when I poked my head out our tree line to see this:

The farmland around us has changed hands. I guess he wants to make use of every square acre that he has. I've lost my treeline for my sunset shots, for our long afternoon walks, (although now we can walk much farther along the creek, and even walk to the back forty as long as the crops are off), for our sharing of the mulberry bushes with the birds. The one neat bonus we've experienced is the huge variety of birds that are now singing in our treeline instead of the former distant one. Birds that we will likely not see at all come spring migration. It makes me wonder how many little critters were displaced in the uprooting of a formerly wildlife habitat rich treeline?

I must say that I am very thankful for our little tree wrapped acreage. Perhaps it's time to plant some more bird and critter attracting plants, shrubs, and trees.


  1. This happened to us only we live in the suburbs backing up to a creek. The city tore down the trees on the other side of the creek so they could lay pipes for new houses that are up the way. I still remember the sound of all those trees being ripped out of the ground and comforting my youngest because it was her favorite place to play. I'm really sorry. I feel your frustration.

  2. Somehow I always think of cutting down trees, especially older, established ones, as a kind of murder. Humans have some visceral connection to trees, I think. The tree you carved your initials into. The one from which your parents hung your favorite swing. The one you climbed as a kid.

    Losing them can really be heartbreaking--especially when it's for a new housing development, road, or bridge, and the landscape is never the same again.

  3. I hope they know where the property line actually is and aren't cutting YOUR trees, yah?

    Though, (maybe this is my American side...), while I sympathize with you, I stand by their right to do what they want with their property.


    Even when it isn't what I wish they would do! (Rats!)


  4. That is sad--they look like such healthy trees. I could see if they had ash borer or something, but they were beautiful!

  5. Man, what a drag. I guess you're going to have to recreate a tree line right on the edge of your property.

  6. Oh trees coming down always make me a little sad.

    We just took one down that was totally rotten. That was okay....but otherwise, I too think about all the critters. :)

    Great photos of the event though.

    Hope you are well!!!

  7. I have to agree with Tina. Trees coming down is indeed a sad day.
    Have a lovely Friday and restful weekend!

  8. Sad. It reminds me of a favorite movie, Fly Away Home.


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