Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Squirt's Sisters

Squirt's class led chapel for October. It was held the Thursday before Thanksgiving. At one point during the chapel service, each of the students in her class came up and talked about one thing that they are thankful for. Mrs. T put each of their drawings up on the power point.

This was Squirt's:

 The little miss on the right really does have more hair :o).

Any guesses as to what she is thankful for? She is really looking forward to having her younger sisters home. Me too sweet heart, me too!


  1. Oh my goodness! You HAVE to frame it and put it in the girls' room. How lovely. She's amazing! SUCH an artist!

  2. Oh that's precious! Definitely a keeper!


  3. That is just so precious! It's pretty obvious what's on her heart! This picture is something to treasure.

    P.S. I love your new family portrait below! (I will love next year's even more when it includes your additions!)

  4. That is precious!!! What a heart she has!!! Praying they are home soon!!!!!

  5. I know you have said they will not be coming home for Christmas, but I am praying soon after!

  6. Now that is frame-worthy!

    As for your comments on my blog today...didn't I warn you about labs' "special" abilities??!! LOL!

    As for the feedjit, my own location comes up as any of about 5 different places none of which is near me at all. It's a wireless thing, I think.

  7. Very sweet! Sometimes I wish we had had another girl for my daughter, but the Lord knows all, and He is in control of those things! :)

  8. I can't wait to see your new kiddos on the blog! Looking forward to that day...

    Sweet drawing...
    What a blessing...

  9. Yep... that's a keeper and frame-worthy, for sure! I can only imagine how such a grateful heart fills your very own with joy!

    Hope you have a blessed day... and a wonderful weekend ahead :)

  10. This is precious! What a sweetie.
    Blessings from Texas, Leslie.


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