Friday, August 20, 2010

The Woolies

Squirt loves bugs! Big ones, squirmy ones, crawly ones.

Aren't all the colours pretty? And the dirty hands? Well, not so much ;o).

I think she misses having a pet.


  1. Wow...I've seen the orange and black/brown ones, but never the solid lighter colored ones. They're so cool. Do you know what they turn into?

    I always grew up on the old wives tale that you could tell how long winter would be by the length of the middle band on the wooly caterpillar.

  2. Wow, I haven't seen the lighter colored ones either. They are is your dd. I love that serious look on her face as she watches the caterpillar crawl up her arm.

  3. Love the fuzzy caterpillars! I've heard the theory about the cold winter / band width too, but I'm not familiar with the solid color 'pillars :D

    what a calm, focused look on her face!


  4. I have never seen those in such colors and I always thought they would sting you if you held them. What does a city girl know anyway????
    Hope your weekend is lovely

  5. She is so lovely! I love her grubby hands.

  6. uh, gross! Never, every I have seen anything like that!


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