Monday, August 23, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

It was a full weekend again! I can hardly believe how quickly the summer is flying by. Normally this is the week we start school again because both the kids and I are ready. I think that this year even if they weren't physically going to school, we wouldn't be starting. The summer has been way too beautiful. We've been reveling in the heat and endless days of sunshine and swimming. It has been a summer filled with many blessings!

This week's gifts:

  • cool breezy evenings (no more nighttime swims though)
  • sleeping with all the windows open
  • fuzzy caterpillars
  • garden harvest glistening in the canning jars
  • baby snuggles
  • watching the littlest daughter introduce her dolly to the gardens
  • a warm and fairly dry final swim meet of the season
  • iced cappuccinos
  • curriculum gathered for our daughters in the PI
  • the first fresh apples of the season
  • moonlit nights
  • anticipation of a camping weekend
  • friendship over coffee and cardmaking
  • laughter
  • family time playing board games at the table
  • incredible skies -- sunrises, sunsets, and endless beautiful awesome clouds
  • a house filled with teenage laughter of a boy and his friends
  • endless good books and fascinating reads
  • a very busy butterfly bush of late. Lots of varieties to been seen and photographed.
  • closer to getting caught up on shoots and other photo related stuff
  • fixing my numbering on the 1000 Gifts posts. (I knew something was off).
  • an afghan that is finally ever increasing in size. No more ripping it out!
  • fly swatters
  • garden spiders for catching pesky flys
  • our children's love and caring for God's beautiful creation
  • cameras for capturing moments
  • the excitement of new school supplies
  • a good long night's sleep
  • a great price for shoes that are comfortable to work out in
  • an afternoon date with my Boy
  • "I'm glad I'm home" kisses from the Engineer
  • Nighttime snuggles under sheet and blanket
  • Morning routines
  • Fresh line dried bedding to crawl into
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    1. Beautiful picture....and what a bounty of blessings Praise The Lord ~Love Heather

    2. ....teenage boy...that will be fun!! evenings....yes!

      ....great it all!

      ....and the pictures is awesome!

    3. Oh, Deborah, my friend! I look forward to your post and to your pictures...both beautiful. I have lived vicariously through you this summer and enjoyed every minute of it! I pray that the beginning o
      f school is just amazing for your kids and that it will quickly be time to welcome your new little ones into the family.
      Have a delightful week


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