Monday, August 2, 2010

Height of Summer

It is the height of summer. July has waned into August. I am a summer person. I love the heat and the sunshine much more than snow and cold. I love the activity of summer. Even though it's busy, it's more relaxed. This week I continue to thank God for His abundant blessings...

614. the beginning of harvest from the garden

615. the first time ever that the garden had been totally weeded clean in the 13 years we've been out here

616. fresh peaches

617. nonsense chatter of the younger two supposedly cleaning their room

618. ripening blackberries

619. a break from the humidity

620. blue blue skies

621. cooler nights for deeper more restful sleeping

622. beach days with family

623. lots of dill ready for pickle making

624. home repaired washing machines

625. knowing the names of our daughters in the Philippines

626. knowing the birth dates of our daughters in the Philippines

627. cricket choruses to fall asleep to

628. a lazy morning here and there

629. bedroom rotation allowing the Engineer and I to move back into the master bedroom (temporarily) and therefore enjoying the sunshine kissing us awake in the morning

630. finally being motivated to exercise

631. having no excuses not to exercise

632. the screened in porch swing that keeps the mosquitoes at bay

633. porch lights that allow us to sit out and read well after darkness has fallen.

634. fresh corn on the cob

635. air conditioning that works when we need it thanks to my awesome dad!

636. ceiling fans that provide a breeze when there isn't one outside

637. watching puppy antics of ten baby Labrador retrievers

638. in person friends and blogging friends who share our excitement about the not-too-distant arrival of our daughters

639. prayers being lifted up on our behalf for this journey of faith

640. the warm generosity of others who have walked this adoption journey before us, or are walking their own adoption journey alongside us, or who simply share our joy.

641. quiet afternoons wrapped in a book

642. haystacks made so I don't have to turn the oven on

643. an overcast afternoon for my hardworking men

644. my hardworking men who are redesigning our fire pit area

645. a final blueprint going to press, finally!!

646. a beautiful baptism service for our friends' little guy who was adopted from South Africa in June

647. fresh cut flowers brought in to admire

648. gold finch antics while feeding on sunflower seeds

649. The complete surprise and pleasure of watching a juvenile cedar waxwing being fed by its parents

650. Children who love swimming enough to get up early enough to be out the door before 8am three times a week

651. The laughter and camaraderie of swim meets

652. Strong healthy children

653. Sunflowers all ablaze at the back of the garden


  1. Not many people confess to being a summer person! I am one, too, and just love the sunshine warm on my skin, the lush green of the trees, butterflies and bumblebees (not the wasps though :) ). Loved reading your list! Have a blessed day.

  2. Oh Deborah, I bask in your list today! So many gifts! I join you in gratitude for knowing more about your precious daughters that you anxiously await, for fun filled summer days to enjoy before the cold comes back.
    I am so happy for you and continue to pray for your daughters and for you family as you prepare for their arrival.
    grace and peace to you

  3. So much to Praise God for!!!! I am so happy your AC & washer are fixed! Praying for you!

  4. Yes, yes, and yes :D

    Love the pic at the lake... what is the water temp like?


  5. Great blessings. Yes, we are all waiting for those daughters! You are and will be a good mom to those precious ones. They will not be here one minute before or one minute after God's perfect timing.


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