Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gondola Ride Anyone?

Sometimes I think Beans and Squirt could live in the pool. They spend hours in there coming up with new games and other forms of entertainment. One of their long time favorites, is playing swimming lessons. Gondola ride is a new one. They spend half the time laughing so hard that they do very little maneuvering around the pool.

I am so thankful we bought a pool this year. The weather has been perfect for it, and we have all enjoyed it very much!


  1. It certainly is a great summer for having a pool! Right about now I sure wish we had one!

  2. You won me over. We're getting one next year for sure. Lily has been begging us all summer.

    By the way, I'm always so impressed by your laundry hanging in the sun!

  3. Very cute summer pictures...these are my favorite kind of pictures to capture of my kids when they are laughing together ~Love Heatehr

  4. And there I see you laundry hanging on the line!

    I miss being able to do this so very much sometimes.

    I get a few degrees cooler just looking at your girls in the pool, and that is saying quite a bit on these hot days.

  5. Love your pics :D

    Our pool finally bit the dust (after four years) and seeing the yard without it just looks like fall.

    Your girls look so fun!


  6. Sisters! They look like they are having such fun and making good memories. Love spying your laundry, too. It's so colorful!


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