Monday, August 16, 2010

A Full Weekend

holy experience

654. On Friday we hung out at the beach with two other moms and twelve children between us.

655. The day was perfect and the water gloriously still.

656. The children played in the sand and swam contentedly for hours.

657. A picnic lunch was enjoyed in the shade of the shelter.

658. We arrived home to pizzas already being made by the Engineer.

659. We went to the City for an evening stroll along the riverfront with Gramma and Grampa.

660. We marveled at the size of the flags flapping in the wind on our side, and across the river as a symbol of our nation and the nation to the south of us.

661. Both beautifully blessed countries.

662. We once again remembered to appreciate the vastness of the useable shoreline along our cities.

663. We savored our summertime tradition of ice cream with Gramma and Grampa.

664. We remarked at the moon's banana-like look (said by Beans).

665. On Saturday, I enjoyed my morning coffee and quiet time with God on the front porch amidst cricket and birdsong. Glorious!

666. I reveled in a few quiet hours while the Engineer took the children to their third swim meet.

667. I marveled that my son swims so well that the city league coach wants him  to join the city league team.

668. I dawdled in the vegetable garden enjoying picking more of the harvest.

669. I stopped to snap photos of beautiful insects.

670. I enjoyed swinging in silence on the porch swing while engrossed in a good novel.

671. I was even able to sneek in a short nap.

672. I inhaled the scent of summer on the freshly washed and line dried clothes as I folded them.

673. I chuckled at the sight of my 7 1/2 year old Squirt, so tired from late nights and early mornings of swimming exercise, sleeping on the mat at the back door.

674. I ate way too many scrumptious fresh blueberries.

675. We spent another afternoon at a different beach. It was so warm, we didn't even need sunshine.

676. for supper, we enjoyed some more garden bounty. (Who knew there were so many ways to eat zucchini)!

677. We kissed freshly showered girls good night. Once again bed later than planned.

678. Sunday was a day of being spiritually filled at church. Songs that made me want to dance. God's Word spoken with love and care from the pulpit.

679. A relaxing drive to the farm.

680. Time spent to celebrate Grandpa's 74th birthday.

681. Tea with family.

682. Supper with more family.

683. Enjoying the tiny fuzziness of one week old kittens.

684. Cousins reacquainting and happily playing together for hours.

685. Driving home in the setting sun. Storms brewing all around.

If you have a moment, stop by and read Ann's post. Such beauty and emotions wrapped up in words. Visit her at, Holy Experience.


  1. You live in a beautiful place! These are great pictures and you are very blessed.

  2. Oh boy, every time you do these I want to move to your town:O)
    Yeah for your son!!!!!!

  3. Deborah,
    Oh, how I love your list! Your pictures are delightful, especially the first with all the children lined up. I join you in gratitude for so many gifts given by our Creator.
    I pray daily for you, the engineer and your beautiful children.
    blessings, sweet friend!

  4. I really think you would have had a hard time attempting to write a better thanksgiving post that scrapbooked your weekend and blessings so well.

    This was so pleasing to read, Deborah.


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