Monday, July 12, 2010

This Weekend

holy experience

This weekend I...

and my family received exciting news of the next step in our adoption.

enjoyed a beautiful evening outside with three beautiful and special homeschooling Mamas whom I also call my friends.

     We shared. Alot. Delicious food, some wine, joys, trials, and thoughts.

     We laughed. Alot. Sometimes until tears rolled down our faces.

     We managed not to cry :o).

     I am blessed and thankful for these women who get me.

swam in the pool with my husband and children.

swam in the pool after dark with my husband.

enjoyed a fun photo shoot at our clients' beautiful property.

spent some time sewing.

spent some time crocheting.

shared our joy with some of our church family.

went shopping with my three daughters.

worked in the vegetable garden.

was thrilled that my husband finished laying our flooring in the basement.

started tidying up a basement that has needed it for a loooooong time.

enjoyed cranking up the praise and worship music while working around the house.

did not watch the FIFA final.

marveled at the blue skies often filled with spectacular fluffy clouds.

Giving thanks to our Creator for blessings #'s 595-613. If you would like to count your blessings, consider becoming part of the gratitude community at Holy Experience.


  1. I am blessed with these women who "get me".. ah yes! rare and precious indeed! Thank you for posting! and it is fun to have a few blogging friends who "get" each other too!

  2. You're so wonderful, Deborah. You give your life away so readily.

  3. What a great list! Sounds like a very good week:O)

  4. Hurray for mom-friends (IRL and online too!) who "get" us. There's something just... well... huge about knowing we're not alone.


  5. great post! sounds like a nice weekend and time with friends.

  6. Peaceful things. Satisfying things. You are so busy living the full moments of the life the LORD has blessed you, and it speaks of satisfaction and peace.

    I appreciate you thankful heart in every corner and crevice of your life.

  7. What a really great list of simple and good things. Your friends are beautiful!

  8. Love this, Deborah.

    We were just running errands today (Lily had written up a "to do" list, which she insisted we needed) when Lily said, "Mommy, this is just turning out to be such a great day together." And she was right.

    Cool when just running errands with your six year old can be so much fun.

  9. what a joy packed post, Deborah.
    And I'm peeking below and seeing that they are holding the girls for you!!!

    I can't even imagine how you are feeling.

    and the photo of your growing up son...
    it does start to go faster ,
    just sayin :)

  10. you are so blessed to have such wonderful friends. I love the sound of the other blessings on your list too.

  11. Just found the Gratitude community site and have been enjoying catching up on everyone's 1000 gifts. Talk about being blessed by a group of total strangers. Thanks!


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