Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Phone Calls and Discussions

My parents came over last night to talk with us. Their initial response, when I called to give them the news was not exactly positive, but of course this whole thing came as a surprise to them too. I think after we talked they felt much better. In fact in talking to Mom this morning, she sounds positively chipper -- almost excited. She says the photo was the clincher. "How could you not take one look at those little faces and fall immediately in love with them."

I called our practitioner today. She was pleased that we want to pursue this. We are too. We know however, that all of this is still completely in God's hands. I am praying that God gives the ICAB staff the wisdom to choose the right family for these little girls. That God will protect His Little Ones and keep them free from any more pain and grief, and open their little hearts to whomever God may choose to give them as their parents. Parents who will love them, protect them, and give them their best.

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