Thursday, June 24, 2010

For Guidance

We expect that bringing not one,  not two, but three little girls into our home is going to be a huge adjustment. The Engineer talked with our pastor on Tuesday night as he had a meeting at the church.

Pastor J, graciously gave us a name and number to call for a Christian adoption counselor. We are happy to receive it as I am pretty sure we will need some guidance on occasion if these three little girls become part of our home.

It's hard not to begin planning what to do, what to pack, and how to decorate the room in anticipation of the arrival of these Little Ones. We don't even know if the ICAB will choose us, but it's hard not to dream. I guess it's only human.

Little girls! Three little girls! It's almost like having triplets! I feel like I have to pinch myself!

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