Monday, June 28, 2010

1000 Gifts

holy experience

Many things enjoyed and many things to look forward to. In thankfulness to God for His abundant Blessings #'s 530 - 560.

A camping weekend.

Gathering with extended family for a reunion.

Sitting around a fire and catching up with cousins.

Confidence in God that He knows what is best.

Singing frogs/toads heard through open windows.

Chatting with my sweet friend K.
Gentle breezes tossing about freshly washed sheers.

Clean windows -- even if it's only for five seconds.

Honey bees supping on white clover. We'll be enjoying their honey in the fall.

Mulberries plucked for jelly and pie (hopefully this week)!

Lavender cookies and lavender meringues. Fresh flavour!

Mt. Laundry to be line dried.

Washing machines.

Whites bleached in the sunshine.

Tanned lithe bodies of ever growing children.

Rocking in the porch swing catching a summer breeze.

A blueprint that may actually work for our home.

Silent afternoons punctuated only by bird chirps, children's laughter, and the occasional vehicle driving down the road.

Ancient (unfinished) hardwood floors that are forgiving of wet dripping children, grass, and sand.

Windows. Windows to see out and enjoy the greens of summer and the vibrant coloured flowers.

Making jams and jellies.

Apples growing on our trees.

Fireflies flitting about while we swim after dark.

Cooling breezes blowing off the lake.

My 700th post!

Clean showers!

Watching our childrens' love of water spill over into swim team practice three mornings a week all summer.

Morning coffee with a dear friend who also has kiddos on swim team.

Prayer warriors.

Faithfulness throughout generations.

Hope of some cooler days to do some baking.

Mature trees that provide shade and breezes.

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  1. :) It was all GREAT... until I saw the f-r-o-g! EEEEKKKKKKKKKK!

    No, all your thanks are simply beautiful and I too share in several. Especially, the camping & the windows. Where we live right now there aren't enough windows for me to see all I want to. God has made so much beauty I don't want to miss a second of it! One of these days He's gonna move me to a house and I pray there won't be frogs near it! :)

    Have an awesome week in Jesus!

  2. I want to go vacation to your house! Praise him for your blue prints that look like that will work. And for ALL of your babies. Congrats on 700 mama!!! HUGS!

  3. Ummm. The lavender cookies are so enticing! Do you grow your own lavender? I planted one plant a couple of years ago and it has finally bloomed this year! I am in L.O.V.E. with lavender! The butterflies and bees adore it and I just picked up three more plants. Mine are Provence Lavender and smell divine.
    I love the breeze blowing my white sheers, too. Reminds me of weddings and brides...

  4. What a great list today! And your pictures are wonderful. I have to agree with Braley Mama...I want to vacation at your house and spread homemade jam on my toast in the morning. And, the lavender cookies...I have never had a lavender cookie.


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