Friday, April 30, 2010

Thrift Store Thread

Wednesday night was the last official date night for the Engineer and I for awhile. AWANA is done for another season. The kids came home wired after downing the annual year end treat of cotton candy. Yum!

One of our favorite things to do after we drop the kids off is to hit a thrift store or two. Last night was exceptional for fun finds. I couldn't resist buying these bags of thread. They're on wooden spools! Many of them are still in their original wrap. I was attracted to their colours and the wooden spools. Plus I have this dream that I will still find some time to sew in my crazy fun, busy life. If not, I think I'm going to fine a big glass vase and put them all in the vase and enjoy the riot of colour.


  1. Love the thread! I can just picture it in a big old glass jar of some kind :D

    And glad you're back in the blogosphere... take your time,


  2. You take lovely pictures!
    I know you will miss your date night on Wednesday evenings! I hope you can sneak in some other date nights during the summer months!

  3. I enjoy looking at thread, too! There's something magnetic about all the colors - and I enjoy looking at an organized rack just as much as I enjoy looking at a haphazard rack.

  4. that is such a good idea to put them in a vase. my husbands grandmother gave me her sewing kit and it is filled with wooden spools! thanks for showing me the beauty in this simple treasure!

  5. A woman after my own heart. I would be on cloud nine with such a find! I have a few of my mother's and grandmother's threads on wooden spools, I find pleasure in seeing them and touching them.

    Welcome back! I have missed you!

  6. Wow - what a bonanza! I bet they will look wonderful displayed in a glass vase (and you will have to share photos!).


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