Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Think I'm Back

All the madness of the past couple of weeks is over, and things should stay calmer for awhile now -- I hope.

It all began with getting ready to go to Chicago last week for a photographer's conference. We had to get the kids packed, get packed ourselves, make sure all our camera gear was cleaned and packed, still do the ordinary things that a week entails, and get the kids to the Engineer's parents. Then of course, I felt the house should be clean before we leave -- you know just in case someone decided to rob us. I wouldn't want them to think we were slobs ;o)!

The conference was amazing!! We learned soooo much. In fact, it was a little overwhelming at times. The Wednesday evening, we headed up the road a bit to hear another photographer speak. Her business is incredible! Thirty-five employees! Not what we have in mind, but she still had lots of great ideas and pointers for the small photography businesses too. Sam was done speaking at 11:00 pm Chicago time, and we headed home. We drove straight through and arrived home at six am our time. The Engineer and I crashed for a few hours and then met his parents half way to pick up the kids.

Then it was cook, clean, conquer Mt. Laundry, and finally mow the lawn because we were supposed to have company coming. Sean and Aimee Dayton were going to spend part of the weekend with us, but their plans changed a bit too, so we simply enjoyed an evening of song, fellowship, and food with them. (Just a little plug for Sean and Aimee. You can find their music on itunes. It's a very beautiful testimony of their faith)!

Sean and Aimee are in the middle.

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were all devoted to GEMS stuff. Saturday was rehearsal for the GEMS Sunday evening service and swimming at the YMCA, Sunday morning was church and in the evening, the GEMS service, and Monday evening was the friends and family evening. I love GEMS, but sometimes it is very busy :o). In between all the GEMS stuff, I was battling a big fat ole migraine. After morning church I went to the hospital for a Torridol shot and Monday, I went back in for a Demerol shot. I don't like the Demerol, but it does work. I had a good nap late in the afternoon and was almost feeling my normal self by the time the evening started.

Awaiting our moment on stage. My grade four girls did actions to the song of which I can't remember right now :os.

Now, I'm again working on Mt. Laundry, attempting to get our photo website updated, and working on a proposal for an agency complete with photos of their clients.  The gardens are screaming my name, but alas, they are still being quite neglected. Soon gardens, soon!

It's good to be back! I will try and catch up with you as much as my week allows.


  1. You.Are.Amazing!
    Just reading about your week...all that you did and a migraine on top, wow! I just have to admire you so much.
    I am glad you back. Very sorry for your migraine. Understand now how you take such great are a photographer!
    Love you work and your writing.

  2. What exciting news you shared about the photography conference and such. So is this your business for the most part or a shared venture with your husband?

    I am sorry about your migraine headache...suffering in that manner is not easy at any time.

    Repeat...I am so glad you are back!

  3. just catching up here today,
    you are so busy !
    what an inspiration you are.


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