Thursday, March 11, 2010

Puerto Rico

This was our first ever vacation where we flew somewhere as a family that wasn't work related for the Engineer. We enjoyed eight days of relaxation, swimming in the ocean and the pool and sunshine. Two instead of three days ended up being travel days. On Thursday, we expected to fly out, but our plane had mechanical issues that left us grounded and scrambling for a hotel, due to some poor planning on the airline's part. In the end it's all good because we received vouchers for additional flights. The only bummer is they need to be used within the year. We had kind of hoped we could used them toward our flights to the Phil., but we're pretty sure that won't be happening within the year, so I guess if we want to use them, the Engineer and I will have to take a little trip sometime in the next year :o)!

Finally, here's some of our week in photos...

Swimming in the pool before 8:30 am PR time.

Hunting crabs on the beach.

Swimming in the ocean until dusk everyday.

Marvelling at the brightly painted homes.

Watching iguanas take their sweet time crossing the road. This didn't go over too well for one of them we braked for. The other driver wasn't as kind :o(. I guess they're akin to squirrels crossing here. Good luck, Buddy!

Spelunking in the mountains.

The view from "the window" was incredible!

Observing your average Sunday afternoon in Aguadilla. Yes, they have horses (and chickens) on the green space of the apartment buildings.

Playing in the biggest tree fort ever!

Freaking my mom out by sending her pictures like this on faceb**k. Actually, we didn't let her see this one until we got home. There was a twenty foot seawall at the base of our beach and our house was on a hill, so we really weren't at much risk.

Kissing salamanders :o).

Watching the pelicans dive for breakfast, lunch, or supper depending on the time of day.

Walking the most beautiful beach we've ever seen. Not another living soul was there.

Talking to a shy colt and his Mama who were grazing along the upper shore line of the surfing beach.

Tomorrow, I'll post some photos of the surf competition, a waterfall we visited, and our mostly unsuccessful geocaching adventures. They sure know how to hide their caches in PR!


  1. I love, love love these photos! I feel like I went along! Beautiful! Oh, the beach. I love the beach!

  2. Beautiful! I love, love, love the greenish colored house.

  3. My favorite is also the green house--I love that! I could just walk on that beach forever. Thanks for taking the time to share your vacation with us.

  4. Oh that looks so lovely... what fun!

    We are 40F, raining, and starting soccer practice.

    What a glorious week for you all!


  5. Deborah,
    I am so very glad that you were able to get away with your family for a wonderful vacation! I think my very favorite picture is the one of the bird (is it a seagull) diving for food and the one of your children on the deserted beach. So peaceful and beautiful. So glad you posted, I missed you last week!

  6. Such fabulous photos. Thank you for sharing them!

  7. I am so glad you shared some of your vacation. And the colors are happy, the bluest blues, greenest greens, and brownest browns...with your family added- magic!

  8. Thank you for taking all of us readers along via your beautiful photos!

  9. oh, so glad you were able to do this. And the photos are fabulous. fabulous textures and colours and life and a grateful eye.

    take care, Deborah.


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