Friday, March 5, 2010

Home Again

We arrived home almost 24 hours later than expected. Despite the fact that our plane had issues yesterday (thankfully, before leaving the tarmac) we still had a great time!! Tomorrow I will tackle Mount Laundry, and hopefully squeak in some time to catch up with all my dear bloggy friends!


  1. Hey, I missed you! So glad you are back. Looking forward to visiting again and hearing about what God is doing in your life.

  2. Hi Deborah! I missed you, too! Welcome back.

  3. Welcome back!!!!!! Missed you!!!

  4. Yeah, you are home safely. I am thankful and look forward to reading all about your trip.

    May your hours of laundry, mail sorting and catching up be productive...and yes, getting the children back in sync.

  5. I love that term, Mount Laundry. That's where I am today, too!


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