Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Day

The Ontario government instituted Family Day three years ago today. The first year, the Engineer scheduled the day off because it is not a statutory holiday for his company, and we had a very normal run-of-the-mill-homeschooling-day-at-home-doing-nothing-exciting. It was actually very boring. So last year, we homeschooled and he went to work and we simply pretended that this new holiday did not exist.

This year, the Engineer is gone to work, the kids are at gramma and grampa's, and I get to stay home ALL ALONE!! Better yet I only have to make buns for supper because we're invited for supper to my parents to celebrate my mom's birthday. Today I am NOT going to clean the house! I am going to sew, have tea (with chocolate of course), read, and revel in the quiet or the noise that is of my own choosing. And by 5:00 pm I will be anxious to see my hubby and children again. It's going to be a wonderful day to refuel! (if I can ignore my messy house :o))!

Is there something you are especially thankful for today? Join the Gratitude Community at Holy Experience in giving thanks for all God's blessings, both large and small.

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  1. That sounds delightful! Enjoy your day off. :-)

  2. Deborah,
    I hope your day was absolutely fabulous and that your tea was delicious and your chocolate outstandingly yummy! How wonderful to have a day all to yourself.
    You are such a blessing to me with all your comments on my blog and your encouragements.
    Grace to you

  3. What a sweet gift! I love that you knew ahead of time that you would be ready to welcome your family again with open arms.

  4. How nice! You are a smart mama. Happy Birthday to your mom!

  5. What a wonderful sounding day. We don't have family day here in BC, but Alberta does, and we live very close to the border. Many families come here to celebrate in the mountains, so the local snowmobile club hosts a family tobogganing event waaaay up the mountain - it's always a blast!


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