Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Something Special in the Mail

My friend Heather over at Weaving God's Word into Our Lives had a giveaway in December and much to my surprise, I won! I didn't even tell her how badly I have needed a new tea cozy. Isn't it the cutest! I can hardly wait to use it! It looks like tomorrow will actually be a stay at home all day type of day, so I'm going to make a big pot of red berry rooibos tea and enjoy using my new tea cozy. Thank you Heather for the giveaway and the sweet tea cozy. The only way it could be made better is if we could share a cup of tea together!


  1. So inspirational! It's GORGEOUS! Can I come to the tea party?

  2. Adorable!

    High school...can you believe you are even talking about that already?! Crazy.

  3. Of course you can come to the tea party, Pom Pom. I would love to visit over tea with you too!


  4. So glad you won Happy Tea drinking ~Blessings Heather :)


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