Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Little Confession :o)

New years? Blech. I only remember liking New Years as a child. Back then there was something magical and exciting about going to other family's homes, staying up as late as we could, and then the arrival of a whole new year! Once I was old enough to babysit, it became the biggest money making night of the year -- and the most boring. Do you know how dull it is to wish yourself a happy new year, meanwhile watching what's-his-name and all the revelers in NYC get excited about a ball (or is it an apple) dropping? There aren't even any good movies on on that night. Sheer Dullsville. I usually brought a good book and ate chips and drank pop.

I can't for the life of me remember what I did for New Years during my two years of university. Probably babysat or stayed home. When the Engineer and I met, we hosted and went to a few different house parties. Some were fun, some were not. I remember one where it hit midnight, people sort of said Happy New Year and the hostess yawned and all but kicked her guests out the door saying she was tired and was going to bed.

Once the babies started arriving it got even more difficult. We didn't like the idea of some poor babysitter sitting bored out of her mind watching what's-his-name and all the revelers in NYC waiting for a ball (or is it an apple) to drop. We did go to some baby/kid friendly house parties, but we always found we had such miserable kids (and their parents) the next day. We've also gone up north to family, but have ended up with a car full of vomiting children -- hoo boy that was an intense two hour drive home!

So now? Now we just stay home. And guess what? We love it! Staying home that is. No stress. No one is grouchy. No where-are-we-going-to-go or what-are-we-going-to-do this year? It's been great! Plus we all get up and out the door in time for Great Grandma's (who actually passed away three years ago now) Annual New Year's Day Party.
Mmmm, Kentucky fried chicken, and lots more goodies and desserts. It's the last junky eating day of the holiday season. Oh, and of course time to spend with family! We get home in time to put the kids directly to bed, sugared up, but worn out from playing with 30 to 40 second cousins.

So, here's to tomorrow! Good-bye 2009! Happy New Year everyone!! I'm going to get a good night's sleep :o)!


  1. Okay, you've got me chuckling. And I am thinking most of those big time party goers just wish they were honest enough to say the same.

    We too stay home, play games, put together a jigsaw puzzle and eat fun foods. And of course, play one more evening of Christmas music and enjoy our Christmas tree and lights. At midnight,we pray.
    Happy a blessed evening!!!!

  2. I'm going to bed, too. After all, it IS almost 8:30!

  3. LOL!!! Read my post for today. I think we are of a like mind!

  4. We're on the west coast and for years I had the kids convinced that New Year's came on East Coast time ;D

    They like to stay up until midnight, but we usually do it at home (or nearby Grampa and Gramma's) so we can all drop into bed immediately and sleep in on Jan 1.

    I'm just not a night owl... never enjoyed those parties.

    Happy New Year :0)


  5. Happy New Year may it be a blessed one for you indeed!! Blessings Heather ;)

  6. Happy New year!
    We do the same thing. The babies can be in bed on time, and the hubs and I can attempt to stay up for some time together! I love your new background!


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