Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Junk Place

Truth be told, we currently have a junk place in our home and I do have photos of it, but they're saved for another day. This junk place is near where we take our French classes twice weekly. It is a sight to behold. I am both repulsed and fascinated by it. Every so often I will grin and bear it and have a wander around the outside -- the inside much less often.

Recently, the Engineer and I went because I saw this stool/table that I wanted to use for my prayer corner in our postage stamp sized bedroom. The reason I call it a stool/table is that I think it was a stool that was made into a table, by slapping a couple pieces of wood on it to make it just a little more functional as a table. It's currently a little worse for wear right now, but I'm not complaining because I got it for a song.

Hopefully over the weekend it will go into a metamorphosis and come out as a beautiful slightly better looking piece of furniture.

Meanwhile, here are a few photos I captured while at the junk place:

Old chair parts.

Perhaps if we were all taking Watkins Double Strength, we could eradicate all the nasty bugs going around these days.(I love how the original cork is still in the bottle).

An old gas oil mix jerry can.

I know my dad knows what these are, but do you? I think next week I might pick up a couple just because...

Lamps, lamps, and more lamps.

Last, but not least, the shades for your lamps! This was a closet stuffed absolutely full of them!


  1. Answer to the mystery objects: Insulators. You find them on hydro poles! Weird eh:o)?

  2. Re: prayer corner. Just tonight in our family girls Bible study we talked about how to make our homes into a worshipful oasis. I'm pondering where to make a little altar.

  3. Cant wait to see the table complete~Good Luck with your projects ~Blessings Heather ;D

  4. I bet you'll have it looking warm and cozy in no time :0)

    Love the insulators. I have some blue ones, from who knows where.


  5. I love that you rummaged through junk to find treasures!! My parents have always been able to turn something, not so pretty, beautiful. I have inherited this, & I love it! This inspires me to go "junk looking".

    Those are insulators...some that you find are very rare... they were used for, hmmm, I can't remember. I have a few that I always wanted to make into a light fixture somehow!!

  6. Junk places...oh, do I have stories to tell... suffice it to say I agree, they can fascinate or they can repulse.

    So glad to hear you are home from your travels.

    I have been relegating my computer blog writing and blog reading time for a spell...I hope to return. Life is so full of good things!


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