Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where We've Been

Yesterday, we drove through the breathtaking Appalachians to Hersey, PA. We spent some time at Hersey's Chocolate World.

Morning rain subsided to broken clouds and then some sunshine. The mist in the mountains was spectacular!

I always thought you could never have too much chocolate. I think I was wrong. This bar was huge!
Today we spent about four hours walking the National Mall. We could have spent days here exploring the museums and gardens!

It was awesome to see all the monuments and famous buildings we hear so much about.


  1. You are all so cute! What a happy (and educational!) holiday!

  2. How much fun are you all having... I was a camp counselor almost 12 years ago in the Catskill is beautiful! Soak it up!

  3. We took a similar trip a few years ago and enjoyed it very much. Enjoy all those sights and the wonderful fall colors ~Oh that chocolate bar looks just about the right size for me!!Beautiful pictures ~Blessings Heather ;D

  4. I wish I had known you were in my neck of the woods!!!!

  5. Blessings on your family holiday! It looks like you are having a lot of fun!


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