Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Violin Observations Revisited

I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought.

The Violin

Picking it up out of its case, I hold the elegant violin in my hands.Brown and smooth, the adornments on the edges of this stringed instrument give it the graceful appearance of a dancer. I set it down and pluck a few strings; the violin produces a melodic noise. The strings thrum with music. The wooden instrument, now in its red velvet case, looks marvellous. When played by someone who knows how, the violin is a beautiful instrument.

I wonder if he is insinuating that Beans doesn't know how to play it, or if he is referring to the fact that he does not know how to play it. I'm going to have to ask him that tomorrow.


  1. Very well written! I too am curious about the intent of the last sentence... ;-)


  2. Great description, He seems to be less annoyed today lol! I am not sure how Beans plays lol! But I own 2 violins and I remember how painful it was for my family when I was learning! hehehe!~Blessings Heather :D

    p.s. What subject/curriculum is he doing observations for.

  3. I asked Bub what he meant by the last sentence, and he said that his sister knows how to play and make it sound good. It's when he tries to play it. Lol!

    This is a curriculum called Write Shop. I'm thrilled with how it teaches the student to write! The only thing is that I have a lot of marking to do because of it. Sometimes I'm afraid I don't do as good a job of marking as I should...


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