Thursday, October 22, 2009

Of Princesses and Paupers

The girls love to play dress up.

The princesses.

The pauper.

I can't say I always like their fashion choices (very immodest sometimes, ugh), but at least they're being creative.


  1. Oh my daughter would LOVE your daughters! She does the same thing! She writes a blog: Jo-withit's portfolio.. It's an open blog.

    Anyway, so nice to get to know you in the blog world.


    This is a link to my daughter's blog, if your girls would like it. She is 15 and writes about modesty and stuff...

  3. My guess is that your girls are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside!

  4. Oh how fun! Anna loves dress up as well and you never know what she may put on hehehe! But that is the fun of it ~beautiful pictures of your daughters ~Blessings Heather

  5. Fun! I love to see my kids playing dress-up. My boys always do something funny while Aubry is always a beautiful princess. So cute to see them be creative!


  6. Oh now I am so worried lol. My daughter is 7 years old and just starting to look at what she wears. I'm following you now. Great blog.

  7. Please stop by my blog. I left you an award.

  8. Your girls are true beauties like their mama. BIG HUG!

  9. We have a closet in our rec room filled with bins of dress up clothes that my girls, along with other neighborhood girls at times, have spent numerous hours dressing up. Sometimes I might even get a fashion show.

    I hear you on the modesty issue...I am finding this one of the most difficult issues to teach my daughters these days due to the currents trends, but so very important.


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