Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lacie, our Little Cat

This little miss arrived on the Thursday before Thanksgiving. She has definitely declared our place her new home. She has staked out her cozy spot in the garage and has hardly moved since -- except to happily play with the children. We suspect she might be expecting kittens, which is perhaps why someone had the nerve to dump her off on our property.

I have to admit, I'm rather excited about the prospect of kittens...


  1. What a beautiful cat! Kittens oh that would be a wonderful surprise if you can handle it! Enjoy your new friend Blessings Heather

  2. I'll be watching for kitty pics!

    My sister is allergic (and we want her to be comfortable in our home when she visits - frequently) so no cat for us,


  3. (Nerve indeed!) Now you all can be witnesses to the wonderful birth of kittens and the fun days that follow.

    My sixteen year old cat was allowed to have two sets of kittens in her younger days...we loved it every time. And we only kept one kitten from each set!!!!

  4. I hope she does have kittens! She's a cutie!


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