Monday, October 19, 2009

1000 Gratitudes

holy experience

242. Incredible fall colour.

243. Finished almost all the photo shoots for our church directory.

244. Creative girls.

245. Talented girls.

246. An abundance of song in our home.

247. Silky long girl hair for brushing.

248.Guys who are happy to have hair cuts done at home.

249. Fresh apple dumplings.

250. Crock pot meals.

251. Pumpkin pie.

252. Homemade hot chocolate.

253. Concerts.

254. Gardens almost readied for winter.

255. Sunlight streaming in our windows.

256. A new cat.

257. A newly painted bathroom.

258. Moments of absolute quiet. The only thing I hear is the wind battering at our windows.

259. Seven, sweet little girls in my GEMS group.

260. Coffee each Monday with a dear friend.

261. Abounding opportunities for learning.


  1. Wonderful so many blessings ~Heather ;D

  2. Again, such gorgeous, gorgeous pictures... and encouraging words. So good to be intentionally thankful,



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