Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thoughts on Autumn

I was up extra early this morning. It was chilly in our room and the usual sheet and quilt just were not warm enough for me to fall asleep again. As I sat in the comfy chair to do my devotions, I gazed out the dark window. The traffic seemed slow and groggy too, kinda like how I felt.

Now the sun is up, but as I said good bye to the Engineer at the door this morning, I discovered the reason for my early rising. It got very chilly overnight! It seems summer disappeared into the darkness of night...

and autumn arose with the morning. It won't be officially autumn for about a week yet, but that snap is in the air now! If we are blessed to get a really warm Indian summer, we might be able to have one more beach day, but I think I might have folded the beach towels for the last time this week. (Speaking of, we managed to lose four beach towels this year!! Usually we gain beach towels somehow. Oh well, you gain some, you lose some :o))!

Summer and autumn are my two favorite seasons -- although when I still had my kids in school, I detested autumn simply for the fact that I would not see them for hours and hours. Now, I enjoy taking advantage of the cooler days by taking walks with the kids, having picnics outdoors, and marveling at the changing beauty all around us.
There is just something so refreshing about fall after the hot sultry days of summer (although we didn't have much of that this year). I love the clear bright mornings, the coolness in the air and the ever deepening reds, golds, and russets that are beginning to appear. Everything here is pretty green yet, but if we have a few more days like today, that will change pretty quickly!

How about you, what is your favorite season?


  1. That all sounds wonderful!

    Fall is my favorite season. I never got out of "school mode", and fall always feels like a time of new beginnings... a fresh start.

    The boys are all playing soccer, which makes things a bit crazy for awhile, but we're out in the beautiful Indian Summer weather nearly every day.

    And then, when it all ends (at the end of October) I love the coziness of all of us being HOME again, and heading into the holidays. Looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    I love the crisp nights, foggy mornings, and beautiful sunny days :0)


  2. I love the Fall also, and it has been so nice to be back in NY to feel the change in the air something we do not get in Florida.....I am enjoying this change of season for a few more days. I was excited to pull out my coat today feels good~ Makes the coffee at Tim Hortons taste even better :D

  3. Hello sweet friend!
    Once again, we are thinking the same things today! xo pp


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