Thursday, September 17, 2009

Library Time

With the arrival of fall and more regular days, comes frequent trips to the library. I can't tell you how excited the children get about a trip to the library. Today is library day -- although I am not sure we need to go yet, as they signed out so many books last week that they're still absorbed in literature at least a few hours everyday. However, not all their literature choices are always educational as you will see in the photos below.

Calvin and Hobbes and Tin Tin are still popular sign outs in our home. It cracks me up to hear constant giggles from another room as one of the kids pours over a new Calvin and Hobbes book. Sometimes I wonder if I we should have called Bub, Calvin...


  1. They love books! Yahooo! I love them, too! Tomorrow we shall lose ourselves in pages of story! Friday is a great day for "the reading zone" and the siren call of other people, new lands and dreams.

  2. Hey... Calvin and Hobbes has great vocabulary ;oP


  3. It's great to see the children reading, especially choices they enjoy! Have a wonderful fall. The weather will probably start changing quickly now for you guys! I get to enjoy a few more days in NY cooler temps before we head out back into the heat in Cali! ~Blessings Heather :D

  4. Don't underestimate the literary-ness of comic books! I met a Religious Studies Ph.D student yesterday who is thinking about doing his thesis on the religious aspects of Calvin and Hobbes, especially considering that Calvin is supposed to have been based on John Calvin and Hobbes based on Thomas Hobbes.

  5. Calvin and Hobbes is wildly popular here too. We own most of the books. Revenge of the Babysat gets checked out from the library often though ... Garfield and Peanuts are popular with my ds1 as well. We are limited to 50 books per card (we have 3 cards) and at times that almost isn't enough now that my ds2 thinks it's cool to check out books.


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