Friday, August 21, 2009

We Live in a Hole.

In the sky that is.

We've had really variable weather the last two days. We've had the gusty winds, but not too much rain. We are very blessed to live where we do.

This evening, after we put the kids to bed the Engineer and I went on a mini date to the darling little coffee shop in our town. The lady who runs it is the sweetest thing, and wow she makes good coffee. The food there is fabulous too -- and very healthy! Tonight I had a smoothie. Delicious!! The Engineer's only beef with the place is that she always sells out of butter tarts first thing in the morning.

I digress. This is what the sky looked like just before we left.

I wish I would have brought the camera with me because there were several more beautiful shots I could have taken. On the way in to town, the rainbow was so incredibly bright, it was almost as if you could reach out and touch it!

Here is the sky surrounding our humble property upon our arrival back.

Below is the silhouette of the east side of our house and looking straight up. Blue blue sky!

Pretty awesome, eh!?


  1. wow so beautiful! Oh how I love butter tarts!! your making me hungry hehehe! The sky was gorgeous you have some wonderful pictures thanks for sharing ~Blessings Heather;D


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