Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two Beach Days -- in a Row?!

With the cool summer we have had, it's very surprising that we would have two beach days in a row, but I think summer finally arrived last week. Here's hoping it lasts well into fall now.

On Tuesday, we were able to spend a few relaxing hours at the beach with our friends from Washington state. It was so nice to catch up while the children happily played in the sand and in the water. Of course when the were all in the water we had to continually look for eight heads, but who can't subconsciously count and chat at the same time?

Sweet little Miss A.

These two are almost exactly two months apart in age. They still play well together.

Bub was very happy to have some boys to hang with even though there is 3.5 years between him and W, their oldest boy. If they like LEGO, they're good -- no matter how old they are.

Whenever we get together, we do a line up photo. This time we were missing our friends' daughter, L (she was determined not to be in the photo line up), but we had three adorable little blondies join in on the photo taking, just to make it very confusing :0). The little blondies, are daughters to a boy (well, he's not a boy anymore) that my girlfriend used to babysit. So, yeah just another reminder to us that we're no spring chickens anymore. The little blondies also used to attend our church, so it wasn't like we didn't know who they were. And who doesn't like cute kids?

We headed off home for our traditional pizza supper with them too. It was a little rushed because we had a photo shoot, but we still had a great time together. Next we need to head out to Washington to visit them. I would so love to see the mountains and visit with them for longer than just a few hours!

On Wednesday, it was just the kids and I who went to the beach. Bub was working on practicing his wake boarding skills.

He's getting better -- at least until the next wave rolls in.

On the way home from the beach was saw the funniest thing and I so wish I had stopped to take a photo. We saw a guy walking a great big very pink pig on a rope. Our jaws dropped in amazement and the guy just grinned at us like it was perfectly normal! Too fun!


  1. Oh that looks fun!

    I think Wyatt and Bub would get along great... Wyatt loves doing that same thing, but we call it a "Skim Board".

  2. Great Pictures.....They show how wonderful summertime can be~ Are you still finding sand every where? we always do after the beach! Blessings Heather ;D

  3. Julie,

    I have often thought the same thing about our boys. If we ever make it out to Washington, we'll have to arrange to get together.


    Yes, I am still finding sand everywhere. I have already vacuumed twice and this morning I discovered some in our bed. I would say that that is the only draw back about going to the beach.

    Have a blessed weekend!


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