Saturday, August 22, 2009

And Thus Ends Swim Meet Season

One last early Saturday morning.

One last early morning warm up.

One last list of race heats written on the arm.

One last set of races.

One last attempt at medals.

And one large round of coffees as it was typical last-meet-of-the-year-chilly weather. Thankfully there was no rain though.

So it ends. Another year of swim team. The children's coached were awesome, and the kids all worked hard. It was a great year! I will miss my morning relaxing time by the pool and I will miss chatting with my new friend T, but thankfully we live close enough to meet at that darling little coffee shop (I mentioned in yesterday's post) over the long off season months.

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  1. Great pictures fall is coming soon! Thanks for sharing all the swim meet pictures your kids look great. Although it is certainly not fair to show Tim Hortons to those of us that are deprived!!!! Although I have about 2 weeks until I get my coffee and apple fritter donut lol when we head up North!!;D


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