Monday, August 24, 2009

1000 Gratitudes

holy experience

Even though the fears of the first day of school looms ever nearer (tomorrow maybe??), I am finding much joy and gratitude in these last bittersweet days of summer.

127. Another book finished on my neverending list of books to read.
128. Monarch butterflies everywhere.
129. My children's sun browned faces.
130. The chatter and laughter of the children as they play contentedly for hours at the beach.
131. Heat, glorious sunny heat!
132. New school books.
133. Ice cream cones eaten at the lake.
134. Watching the evening sun.
135. Despite the horrid smell that has been going on for days, we will put up with it as the farmer is hoping to go organic. At least we have an explanation for his huge dung cannon :0) that drives by many times during the day. So, organic farmers!
136. A hairdresser who is "back" from maternity leave.
137. The discovery of Chai green tea. It's very good!
138. Sunflowers!
139. Fresh produce!
140. The sound of crickets.
141. Learning new board games...
142. with new friends.
143. Watching horses swim in the lake. Beautiful!!

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