Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I love to do canning in the summer. There is something very satisfying about knowing that come winter, you can enjoy summer in a jar :o). My favorite way to capture summer is to make jams and jellies.

Last week, I made strawberry jam, strawberry rhubarb jam, and mulberry jam. I love the deep shades of red richness in the clear glass jars. The children are enjoying the leftover jam (not enough for a full jar) spread on their bread at lunchtime.


  1. I love having jars of homemade preserves, too. I get such a sense of satisfaction and they look so pretty. Congrats on your hard work!

  2. Oh that looks really good! In Canada where I grew up we always went to the Italian bakery and got the fresh bread brought it home and cut it into super thick slices! Toasted with Jam....Aghh you brought back memories now I am hungry lol!! You guys will be enjoying summer all winter~Blessings Heather ;-)

  3. Wow! Way to go! Your jams and jellies are so beautiful!


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