Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's a Silver!

We were up bright and early for the summer's first swim meet. Bub and Peach were both competing. Peach did very well considering the size of her age group. I think there were three heats (of six girls per heat) for each category in her group. Bub's group had two heats of four boys in each heat. He placed second in all four of his heats. He did breaststroke, front crawl, butterfly and IM which is all four strokes. His relay team which consisted of him and three girls (one being Peach) pulled off a first. Bub was the last to swim and he managed to lap the other three teams with his front crawl. I feel like I'm bragging here, but I'm a proud Momma! They both worked hard and did very well.

Next Saturday, Beans will join them in competition at our hometown meet. Too bad I have to be away and the Engineer is timing. There will be little to no photos for sure!

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  1. Very Nice Metal Congrats and Great Job with the Swimming~Blessings Heather ;-)


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