Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Peach!

Although Peach had her actual birthday yesterday, she had her birthday party today.

Even from a wee tyke, she loved to make crafts. A couple of her friends also love to make crafts, so we made her party into a creative one. First they made cards. I sent them outside for a bit so I could clean up the mess and then they decorated cupcakes. They enjoyed piling on the sprinkles and playing with the writing icing.

They also played several games outdoors while the weather cooperated nicely.

I can hardly believe that my first little girl is already eleven. I still very much remember the summer that she was born. She is such a kind hearted, giving and creative young lady. We are very blessed!


  1. A happy and blessed birthday wish to your daughter....aghhh I say the same things about my children really where does the time go? Looks like she had a fun time with her craft and cupcake party great birthday ideas!~Thanks for sharing ~Blessings Heather ;-)

  2. Oh, how sweet! Yahoo for Peach! Eleven . . . that's a big year!

  3. My oldest turned 11 last week, too. I'm very scared. The oldest child is always the experimental one. I wonder if it feels the same for you, because even though she's not your oldest, she's your oldest girl. ??

  4. It is scary, but at this point I'm the least worried about her. The oldest boy worries me more and then the second girl because she going to go through puberty before her older sister. Not too fun!


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