Monday, June 8, 2009

Why I Watermark!!

A big hat tip to Serena for finding this and posting it on her blog! Incredible!!! This is why I watermark all my photos, and should probably do it even better than neatly at the bottom of each photo. It is also the reason why typically, you will only see photos of my children or of friends' children. I always ask permission to have their children's photos on my blog -- if they say no, I respect that. I choose to be very careful about posting photos that have a lot of other people's children in them as some families are uber sensitive about having their photos available to the general public. After reading Serena's link, I am thankful that I have been cautious.

When it comes to our photography business, all our clients sign a model release, and if they don't sign, we respect that and their photos are simply between them and our files.

Just some food for thought, I guess!


  1. So how does one watermark a photo? I suppose it requires some sort of special software???

  2. Wow. How is that for a small world. I am not sure what you mean by watermark? Is that a special way to sign your photos? Can anyone watermark? Maybe you can shed some light. Anyway, cute family!!

  3. Thankfully, no special software needed! And yes, anyone can watermrk. If you go to Serena's blog, she will give you step by step directions on how to do it.

    Here's Serena's link:

  4. Thanks!!! Something I think I will begin doing!


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