Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just a Few Nature Type Things

While at a neighbouring provicial campground, doing photos for friends of ours. This nocturnal critter came strutting in and took off with the garbage. He was not camera shy at all -- nor apparently is he too nocturnal.

Our finch nest now has another one up higher. She built this one mere days after the first batch of babies fledged. Whether it is the same female or not, I don't know, but she's just as flighty (no pun intended). I guess the wreath is now a duplex.

Finally a photo of a mourning dove nest. She and her babies flew away just a few days ago. It was like she never moved. I am sure it was the male who came and fed her and the babies everyday. Or maybe it was the male who sat on the nest and never moved... I think I need to get the kkids to do some research on this one.

My irises are blooming beautifully this year. The purplish blue ones smell lovely. Kind of like grape juice simmering on the stove being made into jelly.


  1. gorgeous photos! the irises look amazing!

  2. hey!

    friends of ours just found a deer in their area that needed care because it's mother was hit on the road... so if you want more wildlife i can get you connected! :) heehee. they are bottle feeding her for the time being. sweet.

    love the flowers!

  3. Sue,

    That is so cool, but nope we don't need anymore wildlife. We're quite happy with our birds and bunnies.

    Will you and the kids go out to see the little fawn? Take lotsa pics if you do!

  4. Maybe a cousin of our raccoon lives in your neck of the woods!! Gorgeous pictures! Irises are my favorite flower.


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