Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Special Project

I have been thinking about this ever since Randi posted it. Now that school is done, and the weather is still not cooperating around here, I am ready to do this!!

"Sow the good seeds of righteousness, and you will harvest a crop of my love. Plow up the hard ground of your hearts, for now is the time to seek the Lord, that he may come and shower righteousness upon you."---Hosea 10:12

Sewing Seeds started two years ago when Randi's oldest daughter went on a missions trip to Africa. In an effort to support her and help the kids she would be blessing while she was there, they managed to gather 118 handmade skirts for her daughter to stuff into her suitcase. The sweet people who visit her blog made this possible!

This time it is not Randi's daughter who is going, but another blogging friend Kimmie's daughter Bella who is going to Costa Rica this summer for two weeks. Kimmie's family is incredible, amazing, and beautiful! They have a real heart for missions as evidenced by their beautiful family. They have seven children -- six of whom are adopted!!

If you would like to join in too, feel free to hop on over to Randi's blog and leave her a comment. She has some wonderful tutorials there for you to follow, and if you aren't interested in making a skirt, you could make or buy a pair of shorts for a little boy too.

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